Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Serene beaches of Karwar Day 3

Day3 was primarily a day we marked for return as we had a train to catch from Hubli so after lunch at our old jaunt Hotel Sai accross the road. We started for the Karwar Bus stand @ 3 PM from the hotel after reaching there we waited for sometime and then got into a bus for Karwar which started at 4 and we were at Hubli Old bus stand at 7.30 PM. We were told about famous "Dharwad Peda" a speciality sweet from North Karnataka district. Dharwad Peda is made out of Milk, Sugar coating and Khoa. You can buy Dharwad Peda in Sweet Shops all around Hubli-Dharwad. So we spotted a shop near the bus stand "Mishras Peda" and purchased 500 gm box.

Dharwad Peda

Then picked up dinner and proceeded to Hubli Railway station for Rani Chennamma Express which leaves Hubli at 10.55 PM but it was about 30 mins late. The train reached Bangalore City next day at 8.30 AM about 1 hr late. And we were back to our 'normal' life after a 3 day sojourn to the pristine beaches of Karwar.

A few revelations from the trip:
Karwar is a very good destination if you want spend time with your family and friends in quiet and serene beaches with less crowds.
Best time to visit is between Oct-Feb but certainly not the summers and moonsoons.40% of time of our trip was spend inside hotel room due to the horrible weather.
Karwar can be reached directly from Bangalore by buses otherwise can be reached by train from Bangalore through Hubli, Longda. There are several trains which ply from Bangalore to Hubli but Rani Chennamma Express is best.
Karwar is about 100 Kms. from Panaji Goa so can be clubbed with a Goa trip ofcourse if you have time.


  1. did you alos try Kunda and bakharwadi?

  2. No didn't have a chance to do so....